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Marty Futara: Owner / Principal of Futara Electronics Company for 34 years with 39 years total experience in the service and repair of vintage digital and analog equipment including computer main frame systems, network support and design. His music industry experience includes backstage, sound and equipment support (Go IATSE Local 504!) for artists and bands such as Love and Rockets, P.I.L., The Sugar Cubes, New Order, Elton John, Julie Andrews, Joe Walsh and members of Korn, Lit, No-Doubt, Crystal Method, Walter Trout, Nickleback and many others. Marty holds degrees in Electronics, Mathematics, Physics and General Engineering. Marty is a tone FREAK and loves playing his strat and tele, tweaking electronics, making a big mess and a whole lotta' very loud noise, composing and recording music along with painting, drawing, photography, coding and just having good, clean fun with his family and friends.

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Sandy Futara: Administrative. R.I.P. ::: 05-13-1932 - 01-13-2011 ::: Our friend and mentor to all. You can read all about Sandy on our "In Honor of..." page. Sandy was at the helm of this business. He made certain the bills were paid, answered the phone, put out the day to day fires and attended to customer needs. We will miss him dearly.

Dan Futara: Electronics Technician. Specializes in Mesa Boogie and Vintage Fender Amplification. He is currently certified as a teacher of electric vehicle technology at Toyota Corporate. His hobbies include travel, on-line gaming, rebuilding Toyota Supra engines and modifying them.

2014 Update: Dan Futara has left the nest to pursue his passion (and career) in servicing high octane automobile engines and electric vehicles. Although he may not be with us as much as before, we will always have a tech bench ready for him whenever he wishes to use it. Best of Luck "Dogg"!

Isaac Futara: Electronics Technician. Specializes in analog mixers and monitors, Roland keyboards, and small solid-state and tube amplifiers. He is currently attending college and is pursuing a degree in Culinary Arts and Hotel Hospitality Management. Isaac likes on-line gaming and spending time with his family and his pets.

2016 Update: Isaac Futara has also left the nest to pursue a career in hospitality services AKA: hotel management. Like Dan, we will always have a bench ready for him as well - Best of Luck "Iceman"!

- Honorable Helpers and Support! -

Rhonda Rae Futara: Journeywoman Technician. A GREAT help during a time when we had an overwhelming amount of Roland KC series amplifiers with broken jacks, broken potentiometers, blown speakers, crooked handles, bent corners and missing hardware. She took care of it all - and did it with LOVE! Thank you Rhonda Rae!

Ari Futara: Journeygirl Technician. Assisted servicing TONS of Studiomaster PA Mixers and other products. Ari disassembled many scrap units to help with repairs of C stock units for sale.

Adam Futara: Journeyboy Technician. Learning electronics is ALWAYS fun! Teaching electronics is even fun-ner! Adam built several custom projects whilst learning how to solder and use basic tools - Awesome!

Janelle Futara: Journeygirl Technician. Janelle tested and spec'd many, many, MANY germanium diodes and transistors we either sold or used for overdrive-distortion-fuzz pedal modifications. She learned how to use basic test equipment to achieve our needs.

Dylan Futara: Journeyman Technician. Working on your own equipment is BEST as Dylan has learned how to do. Like Adam, Dylan learned how to solder and use basic tools and test equipment.

Joel' Futara: Administrative. The shop, with it's mountains of paperwork, was a disaster Joel' tackled and succeeded! Her organizational skills are a big help! "...a place for everything and everything in it's place..."

Robert Futara: Handyman. Rob is always willing to help us either moving and assembling shelving, installing bins onto walls, telling a good joke and expertly making the best cup of coffee one would ever taste! A good man doing a great job!

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