FUTARA Labor Rates - 2023

"Serving the Southern California Musician"

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Minimum Estimate Labor Rates for Service

Labor - Analog Services

Labor - Digital Services

Other Services

Terms of Service (includes sarchasm - don't take it personally...)


Minimum Estimate Labor Rates for Services:

- Estimate Fee (unless otherwise noted) for units coming in for service:

(Estimate Fee is applied to the total cost of the repair after the estimate is approved or a prior agreement is made)

$95.00 :: Most units or Misc Jobs.

Examples :: Vintage Fender Tube Champ or Princeton, VOX AC-15, Vintage Gibson GA-30, Etc...

$150.00 :: Larger Vacuum Tube Amplifier over 100 watts, Rack Equipment, Analog and Digital Work.

Examples :: Vintage Fender Twin Reverb or Showman amps, Ampeg Tube Flip-Tops, SWR Workingmans 15, Roland KC-550, Etc...

$190.00 :: ALL MESA BOOGIE PRODUCTS - Period.

$300.00 :: ALL Analog Synths

- Parts, Current California state sales taxes, credit card fees, freight and other expenses will be charged above the cost of labor.

- Keep in mind that not all prices are firm - There are times we just flat-rate repairs.


Labor - Analog Services:

- Minimal Vacuum Tube Amplifier Service ( All ): Vacuum tube installation, bias adjustment ONLY, load & power output diagnostics, and audio tests.

$95.00 Flat Rate (no other repairs or extra work will be performed)


- Small Vacuum Tube Amplifier Service (18 Watts and below):

(minimum) $95.00 then $95.00/hour in half-hour increments ($47.50/half-hour).


- Larger Vacuum Tube Amplifier Service (above 18 Watts to 100 Watts):

(minimum) $190.00 then $95.00/hour in half-hour increments ($47.50/half-hour).


- MESA BOOGIE Vacuum Tube Amplifier Service (ALL UNITS) :

(minimum) $190.00 then $150.00/hour in half-hour increments ($75.00/half-hour).

(Sorry - we no longer service Mesa Boogie Solid-State FET Bass Amplifiers)


- Electric Guitars and Basses (minor repairs - electronics related - NO wood work! ) :

(minimum) $95.00 then $95.00/hour in half-hour increments ($47.50/half-hour).


- Analog Pedal Effects (boutique class and select others) :

(minimum) $95.00 then $95.00/hour in half-hour increments ($47.50/half-hour).


- Rack Effect Units: Analog effects processors, equalizers (graphic & parametric) & electronic crossovers.

(minimum) $150.00 then $95.00/hour in half-hour increments ($47.50/half-hour).


- Solid-state Guitar and Bass Amplifiers (below 60 watts):

(minimum) $95.00 then $95.00/hour in half-hour increments ($47.50/half-hour).


- Solid-state Guitar and Bass Amplifiers (above 60 watts):

(minimum) $150.00 then $95.00/hour in half-hour increments ($47.50/half-hour).


- Vintage Analog Synth Service (no digital):

(minimum) $400.00 then $150.00/hour in half-hour increments ($75.00/half-hour).


Labor - Digital Services:

- Rack Units - Synth Modules, Samplers, MIDI devices and Digital Effects:

(minimum) $150.00 then $95.00/hour in half-hour increments ($47.50/half-hour).


- Vintage Pedal Effects

(minimum) $150.00 then $95.00/hour in half-hour increments ($47.50/half-hour).


- Digital Keyboards / Pianos, Samplers & MIDI Controllers:

(minimum) $150.00 then $95.00/hour in half-hour increments ($47.50/half-hour).


- Digital / Analog Synth Combos (digitally controlled analog synths):

(minimum) $300.00 then $150.00/hour in half-hour increments ($75.00/half-hour).


Other Services :

- Engineering and/or Technical Consulting fee . . . (minimum) $150.00 ($47.50/half-hour increments above the minimum)

- Engineering and modifications (including re-pedaling, pedalboard wiring and rack wiring) . . . . Call for a quote!

- We will, on occasion, accept select vintage vacuum tube Hi-Fi equipment including turntables! . . . . Call for a quote!

- We will, on RARE occasion, accept select vintage multi-track or tape delay machines! . . . . Call for a quote!

- We will, on SUPER RARE occasion, accept select mixers, powered monitors and other sound reinforcement gear (Maybe...) . . . . Call for a quote!


Terms of Service :

ALL SERVICES AND SALES ARE FINAL and C.O.D. - Sorry, no open accounts or P.O.s (Purchase Orders) allowed.

We accept Cash, Zelle, Visa or Mastercard (cards are assessed a 5% transaction and network access fee) ---- NO CHECKS OF ANY KIND or any other type of Credit Card!


Phone Calls: If inquiring about service on your equipment, you may leave a voicemail, send a text or call (714) 535-6201. If you are trying to communicate with us and cannot find another service center in your area. We are people with helpful answers therefore, It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you TEXT or send an email to: service@futara.com

Warranty Service: We accept ALL units under a valid warranty for the manufacturers we support. There are some exceptions but you can read all about that HERE. All units under manufacturers warranty will be subject to additional fees not covered by the manufacturers warranty. See our warranty guidelines for more information regarding these fees. Re-initialization, loss of patches or memory, blown fuses, no problem found, broken jacks or anything else including liquid spills are not covered under ANY manufactures warranty and will be subject to the minimum shop fee.

Non-Warranty Service: We reserve the right to NOT ACCEPT anything that is dirty, insect infested, vermin waste-riddled or in junky, disrespected condition!! There are many units we deem OBSOLETE - Click here for a list of products we no longer support. Defective parts WILL NOT be returned.

Shop Warranty (30 days - Labor only): This applies to units serviced that are no longer under the manufacturers warranty --- this does not apply to the cost of ANY parts installed or any other services rendered regarding the unit serviced - you will be charged for these costs however, will let you know first if it is a significant cost.. There is NO SHOP WARRANTY on any unit involving parts that are provided by customers (ie: You).

Deposit Required for Products brought in for Service: All non-warranty units we support. In some cases, we require a minimum, NON-REFUNDABLE, minimum deposit for diagnostics: Click HERE. This minimum deposit will be applied to the cost of services rendered when and if an estimate of services is authorized. If there is no authorization or you reject the estimate, we keep the deposit for our time. If you decide to abandon the unit, we will scrap or recycle it as well - NO EXCEPTIONS!

Services Rendered: We will work only on selected models of units from the manufactures we support. In other words, we are very, very selective on the machines we take in for out of warranty service so, if we reject what you are inquiring about, we will refer you to other service centers that will most likely assist you. Check out our growing list of obsolete, discontinued and end-of-life units we no longer support. Units brought in for service that appear like they have been found in a dump or have been neglected for years or have been subjected to serious abuse WILL NOT be accepted - NO EXCEPTIONS!

Storage: We are not a storage unit! If you leave your machine here - after you have been notified - for an excessive amount of time (21 days) - you will be charged $3.00 PER DAY afterward. Keep in mind WE WILL SCRAP OR SELL your machine after 30 days at our discretion! If you want your machine back after the 30 days and (just by chance) we haven't scrapped or sold it, you will still be charged for all those days up to when finally come and get it from the date you were notified.

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to change any part of these terms at any time - we are pretty fair people however there are a bunch of folks who, for some reason, feel entitled to just about everything and really just don't get it so, THESE TERMS EXIST FOR THEM!

Keep in mind, not all prices are firm: There are times we just flat-rate repairs! However, if we quote you a price after the unit in question has been diagnosed (and it will be a REASONABLE price BTW), please do us a HUGE favor and not haggle us into submission resulting in stories about the struggles of being an artist/musician or how you are consistently persecuted by the "rich corporate capitalist-pigs" who just don't understand the plight of a misunderstood artist/musician that only wishes to spread joy, love, peace and happiness all across the universe (jai guru deva - ommmmm).... Don't preach to us - we have heard it all!

Futara Electronics Company: (or anyone associated with us) is not responsible for equipment lost or damaged as a result of fire, theft, natural disaster, or anything that is our of our control - we are not responsible for anything you leave here.

Futara Electronics Company: (or anyone associated with us) is not responsible for equipment lost or damaged as a result of extraterrestrial alien invasion, mass pandemonium, nuclear holocaust, asteroids, spilled milk, zombie apocalypse, radioactive isotopes, 5150, act of (insert deity here), shark jumping, Gamara, locusts, solar flares, biological pandemic, ectoplasm, earth magnetic pole-shift, global warming, terrorism (both global and virtual), occupy (insert perceived oppressors here), anything involving a mad cow or two, senility, excessive carbon emissions, acid rain, Hackers, Hessians, Hoosiers, Yupers, Clueless Boomers, arrogant GEN Yers, Entitled Millenials, GEN Z (Zoomers), Emo kids, chem trails, worthless mooching influencers, bed bugs, ozone layer depletion, methane gas, giant frogs, Cicada Brood, Ted Mcginley and / or a host of other terrible circumstances.

We are not responsible for your unit's loss of memory patches, sequences, audio files or setup parameters - it is your responsibility to back up your data!


Call (714) 535-6201 or
email our company with your questions or comments!