- This is one of the things I love to do! Sometimes, the original pedal enclosure is made of plastic or is too large to fit on an already crowded pedalboard! Following are seemingly bland, interesting and mildly amusing re-installations of known pedals into replacement enclosures.


An Extremely Jammin' Dock:

I was approached with 3 identical Alesis JamDock DJ iPod and Mic units - all with broken plastic enclosures, loose potentiometers and intermittent jacks! The owner wanted me to install the guts of the best one into a more rugged enclosure - here it is!

Owner: Mr. RKF


Dan-Electro FrankenPedal:

Here we have a modified, three pedal combo (all DanElectro food series) that has two delays (PB&J) and one vibrato (Tuna Melt) all in one. The two delays each have two independently switchable rates and dry/delay levels -- allowing for 4 delay rate and mix choices! This was a necessary thing to do as the original pedal enclosures were made of plastic and kept breaking and BREAKING!

Owner: Karl Irish


Introducing the FrankenMorley!:

This one is an UGLY BEAST but, gets the job done! We took an existing modification and modified it WAY BETTER! This unit not only is a Morley Boost-Wah, but also has an on-board MXR Script-logo Phase 90 AND an Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi with an internal regulated power supply! This combination of effects creates an ASTOUNDINGLY MASSIVE sound that is guaranteed to BLOW SPEAKERS if antagonized!

Owner: John Hubbard


Single and Double Play!:

There are 3 pedals here from left to right: Boss CE2 (on it's own) and a double: MXR Phase 90 and an Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress. All 3 pedals have "special" mods that enhance the existing tone and are true bypass as well.

Owner: Britt Collins


Boss CE:

This is a simple one... The original enclosure was just a little too fat for the pedal board!

Owner: Britt Collins


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