My Product Isn't Covered?!? Why not?

updated 2/19/19

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Congratulations! You got a really great deal on your new product using the internet!

On-line sales are the new way to buy - that is for sure! I am guilty of it as well as I have purchased a few things from on-line dealers and sometimes, I really do get a miracle purchase! However, there were a couple of instances where I feel "bait and switch" tactics were executed but for the most part, purchases have been some-what satisfying.

Consumers can purchase many things easily with just a click of the mouse. Instant gratification! Low priced items are available on-line because the virtual dealer, most likely, is running their business out of a small warehouse or their home - hence, low overhead and the savings are passed on to you. The total cost of an item purchased on-line was about half as much as it would have been at [big box music emporium] or a "brick and mortar" store - which included free shipping! Heck! No need for business owners to spend money on the high price of leasing retail space when they can have a killer web page to impress us!

Too good to be true? Read on...

We have had a few instances where customers had purchased units from so-called internet music warehouses that sold stuff for less than suggested wholesale cost. Unfortunately, this type of sale MAY or MAY NOT qualify for warranty service as those entities MAY or MAY NOT be authorized dealers of those particular products.

Now, some time has past and that "great deal product" needs to be repaired and you bring it to an authorized service center. They immediately reject the repair because you cannot provide PROPER paperwork or the service center informs you that the manufacturer will not honor the warranty because they cannot verify the legitimacy of the transaction.

Frustrated, you contact the on-line "dealer" that sold you the item and find out that they are no longer in business or the phone is out of service and / or will not return your emails. You phone the manufacturer and they tell you the machine you purchased is not covered because that "dealer" was not authorized to sell it to you.

Congratulations! You now have a door stop.


Legitimate Transaction: A transaction seen by the manufacturer as the sale of an item from a authorized dealer to a consumer also known as the original owner.

Authorized Dealer: A dealer that has been contracted by the manufacturer to sell their goods for fair market value.

Original Owner: The FIRST consumer that purchased an item or unit from an authorized dealer.

Authorized Service Center: A repair station contracted by the manufacturer to perform warranty service and assist the needs of thier customers or users of thier products.


So, what happened? Keep reading..

A possible scenario:

A small town mom and pop music store purchased a pallet or "lot" of new-in-box (yet out of date), packed units from another music store or warehouse that has gone belly-up (out of business) OR an unknown or virtual source (on-line auction, internet estate sale, overseas shipping container thieves, abandoned storage unit hunters, etc). The store employee posts every product from this "lot" using an on-line middle-man like eBay, Amazon or Craig's List as NEW products and you buy one of them. Later, the unit fails and you cannot get it repaired because Mom and Pop Music were not an "authorized dealer" and therefore the manufacturer deems the purchase to not be a "legitimate transaction." Now you cannot get it repaired and want someone at the store to replace it or give you your money back but they will not because your purchase has passed their 30 day "no questions asked" return policy period.

- Mom and Pop Music may have unknowingly purchased stolen equipment.

- Mom and Pop Music had no idea that the NEW products were not covered because they were not authorized dealers.

- Mom and Pop Music were just trying to be competitive with [big box] music store without having to floor a considerable amount of product purchased from a manufacturers sales representative (that could get really expensive for the smaller music stores!).

You start making phone calls and typing emails to the manufacturer.

What they may do:

1.) Absolutely Nothing.

2.) Ask you for the serial number and base the warranty off of the date of manufacture BUT if the unit is considered "old stock" and is considered to be "out of date","end of life" or obsolete (5 to 7 years old), you will most likely get stuck with the repair tab.

3.) If the unit is B-Stock, forget it. You won't get any warranty -- maybe 90 days from the day it left their warehouse.

What the store should have done:

This store should have listed the items as "Surplus" or "New Old Stock - NOS" or "AS-IS" Even though the units are in new condition, they should have stated that these particular products may have no manufacturers warranty.

What you could have done to prevent this:

Send an email to the store and ask questions like: "are you an authorized dealer for that product?" or "I understand that these units are new but how do I know I can get a manufacturers warranty with purchase?" or "What will you do for me if this unit fails to work after a certain amount of time? --- can I get my money back or a replacement?" Whatever the response these sellers give you, it comes down to YOUR option to buy in the first place - you need to understand what you are up against when purchasing products on-line.

Remember:"when in doubt --- call them out!"

Send an email or call the manufacturer and they will tell you if a particular dealer is authorized or not . If not, well, you can take the chance and get something really cool that is in new condition for a great price and hope that it doesn't fail. Why not spend a few more bucks for piece of mind knowing that you purchased the unit from [big box store] --- don't forget the smaller stores who are authorized to sell you those products as well!

Why do manufacturers require "authorized" dealers?

There is a good reason for this and it mostly has to do with inventory and price control. Having authorized dealers helps prevent fraud and helps control prices so their products are not sold irresponsibly. The last thing a manufacturer wants is for thier products to get priced out of the market or have their products sold far below the suggested retail price. Inventory control minimizes issues within a closely knit group of representatives and dealers. They can easily solve issues regarding warranty service, improve marketing, use copywritten materials (logos and such) for advertising and give customer product support.

Thanks for reading!

- Marty Futara

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