Instrument Amplifier / P.A. Mixer / Vintage Parts, Literature & other doo-dads!

We are posting instrument amplifier / equipment parts and literature we have in our stock. It is time to clean house!

There are many parts and schematics / service manuals on the following links but it is highly recommended you read the terms at the end of this listing before purchasing anything.

Also, remember to PLEASE email any questions you may have!!! service@futara.com

This is a very long and tedious process - Below are what we have so far for sale :






Payment & Terms are as follows:

1.) Send us an email of what you would like to purchase and we will send you a paypal invoice for payment to the email address you specify. Our response should take no longer than a day or so.

- OR -

1a.) Call us at (714) 535-6201 between 9AM and 6PM west coast time with your order and we will process it using your VISA or MASTERCARD.

2.) All sales are final. No Refunds or Chargebacks! NO EXCEPTIONS! Be certain of what you want!

3.) All parts are listed as USED or OLD STOCK unless otherwise stated as NEW or NEW OLD STOCK (N.O.S.). Read the post / listing!

4.) All parts / items sold will be sent UPS or USPS and depending on the weight, will be subject to a minimum shipping and handling charge of $10.00 no matter where the destination within the 48 US contiguous states (yes, a knob will cost you that but you will get tracking information as well). Shipping may be higher if the part / item weighs more than the minimum 1 pound allowed but we will let you know first on the paypal invoice or verbally before charging you. US orders only! We WILL NOT ship internationally. We WILL NOT ship items, units or parts to Puerto Rico, Hawaii or Alaska (or anywhere else outside of the U.S.). Literature to be sold has a different set of terms -- See #7

5.) We are not responsible, in any way, for your mishandling, installation, or receiving of any items we sell you. If there is a shipping issue, contact UPS or USPS with your claim. The best we can do for you is give you a tracking number for your purchase - which we would email to you anyway.

6.) Items listed and shown in the pictures will not exactly be the one you are buying. They are the item but will differ within the condition category stated as:

New = New!

NOS = New Old Stock, Surplus items. Overstock Items. May be a little dusty.

Used = Has traces of solder, scratches and will be a little dusty. May have been from salvage of other units. Tests Good.

Very Used = Fair and Acceptable condition - will definitely have traces of solder, scratches, dirt, wear, dings, marks and scuffs. Item is usable.

Non Functional = Item or unit listed is NOT WORKING or NON FUNCTIONAL. Best used for parts to fix others unless you can repair it yourself. The condition of these units are most likely Very Used to Used.

7.) All technical literature including schematics, service and owners manuals are sold as priced. Prices include postage. All technical literature is in hard photocopy format - no .pdf will be sent. We will mail schematics to ANY US States in the Union and Puerto Rico. NO INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE!!!!

8.) California customers will be charged 8.00% TAX.

9.) Unacceptable behavior such as whining, sniveling, feet stamping, child-like tantrums, and / or pouting will not be tolerated AND is subject to fees!


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