False "Marty Futara" Warning!

OK, I am extremely flattered that someone out there (using the name Marty Futara) is taking care of answering troubled "garage technicians" with his or her bits of wit. This announcement is to let you know that person or poster IS NOT ME!!!

I, (the real Marty Futara - or at least the person that codes this site) will never, ever, post anything regarding service or technical information on a blog or website or forum or social network of any kind. If I have something to say, I HAVE THIS SITE to post whatever I want.

I know there are a lot of "forgotten genius" and "unknown brilliant" garage techs with cutting edge mods out there and I wouldn't dare step on their toes regarding opinions on the subtleties between tones created by carbon and ceramic plate resistors. Really, I do not have the time or energy to argue with anyone about metal particle capacitors or hysteresis loss using a copper plated chassis. Please.

If you must seek free information, go to websites that are run by professional audio electronics technicians themselves. I would trust those sites more than anything that relys on pure opinion.

It is one thing to express an opinion, as a user, on a particular instrument or unit. It is another to express an opinion regarding technical information. You need to be very careful when performing repairs or service on instruments with dangerous attributes when relying on opinion. Consult with a professional FIRST!!! ALWAYS!!!!

My job is to SERVE MY CLIENTS and since they pay me for information, I am more than willing and happy to answer their questions and educate them - PERSONALLY - not through some stupid forum that posts poor blogger information that could potentially hurt you when toying with high voltage.

- Marty Futara

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