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- Sometime in 2017, I played around with an earlier version a text-to-image version of DALL-E. This is what if came up with when using the words "FUTARA ELECTRONICS".

It's pretty astonishing what a simple program application can come up with after scanning the internet looking for clues of what a "FUTARA ELECTRONICS" is. The image shows the appearance of candles or some type of light crystals along with walkways and what appears to be a pedalboard or some type of control panel through a large opening or doorway. The perspective of the image appears as if the viewer is looking down from above or on a second level as you can see the two floor levels or a platform above a ground floor. There are what look like to be a lot of small alien looking boxes strewn about that have controls and display parts on their faces - wait! Is that a futuristic Rhoomba on the walkway about to glide down a ramp to that control panel / pedal board room (center left)? Pretty Sci-Fi !


This image is interesting. It shows a large room with strange-looking display consoles in the foreground along with those light emitting crystalline objects and what appears to be some type of chair on the lower right. The left side shows a curious device with a couple of monitors built into it - perhaps a dual-monitor citizen surveillance device with a track ball controller between them? Also, you can see a rounded glass divider with the backside of desks and control consoles with a super bright light emanating behind them. Could this be the interior of some extraterrestrial office? Could it be a futuristic view of the FUTARA galactic office HQ on the planet Venus circa 3023?


I like this image. It reminds me of the inside of Superman's Fortress of Solitude - only with cool futuristic display consoles in it. What I find interesting is the ice-looking stairway in the center leading up to somewhere unknown. Also, there is some kind of bench to sit on the bottom-left side of this image. I am a big fan of rooms full of strange equipment and this is one of them even though it doesn't exist - yet!


...and yet, another "Fortress of Solitude" image. Maybe, I should just refer to it as the "Futara of Solitude" You can better see the ice-looking stairway in the center leading up to somewhere unknown. This one shows even more strange equipment! I think I see some interesting quantum computer or server core devices on the bottom right... Both images appear to have a faint miasma of fog or cold vapor - perhaps the almost freezing temperature keeps these zetta-flop, optical super computers cool? MAN! I can hear the late PAUL FREES describing these images in my head!!!

If you do not know who PAUL FREES is, he is known for this Iconic line:

Legal Stuff: We (Futara Electronics) do not own the rights to the previous audio clip - it is owned by Disney; the Copyright holder. This audio clip is presented here for educational purposes and to honor a very talented individual AND NOT for monetary profit. We claim Creative Commons on this one. (Sheesh...buzz kill...)


I'm really impressed by how close this image currently looks like my office with all the bankers boxes full of old accounting records, junk, misc supplies and other items packed away and out of site however, the boxes are starting to pile up! Also, the unused test equipment on the shelves at the lower left... Crazy!


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